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From:  49,00 69,00 incl VAT / month

  New PowerBase Home Battery system
  Plug & play installation,
newest 2022 models
  High safety
  Modular and scalable solution

  Both private and business lease and rent
Available in Europe, Middle East and the US 
  Free delivery and installation within 1 week
  Legitimate owner after duration contract
  Sign contract online & clear conditions
  Always and everywhere support

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Our battery

Our home battery is based on Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) technology which ensures maximum safety. These batteries consist our of various brands all over the world. The home batteries are modular, which makes it very easy to expand them after installation.

Based on your situation at home, we will find the optimal solution. After ordering, we will contact you asap. After the contract period, you will completely own your home battery.



​The installation process will be done by a professional mechanic and is fully aligned with your wishes and needs. During the installation we will make sure that your solar panels and inverter are connected to your home battery so everything will work after installation.


Maintenance & Support

During your contract, your subscription can always be changed and upgraded, no extra costs are involved. Also we will continuously monitor your installation and see what can be improved to further optimize it. Also feel free to contact us regarding your home battery if you would like to know more how to improve the usage of your solar energy.



Energy savings

The savings mentioned in your subscription contract and on our website are based on average numbers. Therefore every. household situation can differ. With our algorithm we will continuously monitor energy demand and usage, 24/7. Savings are calculated on a monthly basis and can change depending on the kWh price, hours of solar, type of installation. Feel free to contact us if you have any question.





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